The Dreamsmen Master Class

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The Dreamsmen Master Class: (9 Modules/16.5 Credit Hours)
Prerequisite: Completion of an Introductory Course

Like “The Prophetic Dream Clinic” The Dreamsmen Master Class is just as practical and involves rigorous application. This course is for anyone who considers or thinks themselves to be a Dreamsmen. While this course serves a similar purpose as The Prophetic Dream Clinic it has a more direct mission to train up and develop the emerging Dreamsmen to assume the office of the 21st Dreamsmen for this time.

Class Modules: “The Dream Court Advantage”, “The Purpose of the Dream”, The Nature of the Dream”, “The Office of the Dreamsmen”, “A Dreamsmen’s Dream”, “Activating the Power of Interpretation”, “Defining and Owning Your Role as A Dreamsmen”, “Developing Your Craft”, and “A Dreamsmen’s Strategy to Prevail”

Upon completion of this course, all students can receive a Dreamsmen bomber’s jacket at 50% off.