The Prophetic Dream Clinic

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The Prophetic Dream Clinic: (7 Modules/12.5 Credit Hours)
Prerequisite: Completion of an Introductory Course

This course is much more practical and involves much application. The course is for anyone who has ever dreamed a dream, knowingly had a prophetic dream, or wants to be activated to dream prophetically. This course will prepare you to receive the dream, understand your dream encounters and/or night visions, and provide overall knowledge to the types of dreams that are received. In addition, this course will sharpen your ability to interpret and respond to the dream.

Class Modules: “The Dream Court Advantage”, “The Purpose of the Dream”, The Nature of the Dream”, “Dream Language Interpreted”, “Preparing for the Dream Encounter”, The Responsibility to Act”, “Practical Applications with Dream Analysis”.

Course Price: $175 or $30 Per Module